Daily luxury_May πŸ’™

May is a beautiful month πŸ’™. Dreams of love and sweetness come to me like the turquoise sea caresses the white sandy beaches. Let’s go with the waves and start a new adventure! Do something beautiful that will make your soul happy. Leave on a trip to Maui, Bali, Costa Rica, Capri, learn a new language, learn to paddle surf, swim in the blue sea, follow your dreams and intuition, write, collect photos, and love your life on a daily basis! A little daily luxury in your life can be anything; a sweet memory to collect, a beautiful day on the beach, a cute bracelet with turquoise heart or diamant earrings from Tiffany’s, dolci, white orchids, lovely white Liu Jo dress, beige Choo’s, the sunshine through palm leafs, ly’s and hugs from family, seeing Disney’s Moana another time… Dream and love the daily luxury in your life πŸ’™. For moda, daily luxury and beautiful places, you can follow me on www.nickybianca.com. Daily luxury_May πŸ’™

Photos and images by Liu Jo, Tiffany’s, www.impossiblyblonde.net,Β www.nickybianca.com and www.pinterest.com/nicky_bianca/Β 

Dream a little dream

Don’t you know that a dream is made of love and hope and adventure? A dream is a place you need to go to, because you know and feel with all your senses that this is where you belong. You’ll know where this place is, because you dreamed about it at night and you know about it from your daydreams. It’s that one dream, you dreamed about when you were little and when you were in school. You need to find this beautiful place in the world and follow that dream. And when you feel a little lost, look at the stars, the sea, the trees, the little things. They will tell you where to go. And you will know that dreams in the world are connected, because it all is. So go on an aventure and go with the waves. A dream of love and adventure is a little place in the world that has always been within you πŸ’™.

For daily inspiration on moda, dailyluxury and beautiful places, you can follow me on www.nickybianca.com 

 Source of images and photos: http://www.pinterest.com/nicky_bianca

On an adventure

Let’s go somewhere to a place you don’t know. Let’s go on an adventure and travel. I don’t feel comfy enough to stay. I need to go and follow my dreams. I’m going on an adventure to find that beautiful place that’s home to me πŸ’™. I’m dreaming of places like HawaΓ― and Bali, to stand with my feet in the white sand and swim in the blue sea. I love my dreams and daily luxury. Let’s dive in the deep blue sea and go with the waves πŸ’™ The most difficult roads can lead to the most beautiful places.

For daily inspiration on moda, daily luxury and beautiful places, you can follow me on www.nickybianca.com

   Source of images and photos: http://www.pinterest.com/nicky_bianca