Summer lace

On a beautiful summer day the only daily luxuries you need are ice creams, watermelon and summer lace πŸ’™πŸ‰. Soft summer lace, in white, beige and blue, is an essential summer luxury for sensuous days. Summer lace makes you feel sensual, cool and comfy and looks beautiful at home, on the beach, and in the city. For sleepy days at home you can wear beautiful lace lingerie in white, blue and turquoise (La Perla, Intimissimi and Victoria’s secret). The lovely off shoulder tops and knit dresses are this summer’s essentials for beachy days and chique days running around town (Isabel Marant, Maje, Liu jo, Pinko, Patrizia pepe, Twin-set). Summer lace is beautiful on bare skin and looks romantic and chic. Wear your hair down and take someone’s breath away with your lovely summer look. 

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Daily luxury_ July

I love the months May, June and July πŸ’™. I love the summer and the sea, and my summer luxuries. In the summer season, you only need a few daily luxuries. It is July and I’m melting like a sundae. For beachy days, I only need havaianas and a beautiful blue or turquoise bikini (Liu Jo, La Perla, Eres, Twin-Set, Victoria’s secret). For summer days in the city, I wear my beautiful Liu Jo mini denim skirt with a tee or a top, or a lovely knit dress from Twin-Set. I love the white lace this summer, in off shoulder tops or dresses. The easy breezy white cotton tops and white knit or silk beige dresses are perfect for summer (Liu Jo, Twin-Set, Patrizia Pepe). Try to create a summer palette by wearing summer clothes in the colours of the sea and the sand, in white, beige, blue and turquoise. Try to create a beautiful summer look by wearing casual denim with chique items, for example a Liu jo mini denim skirt with an embellished or lace top with Valentino espadrilles or Acquazzura heels. Mix different styles and textures and create you own summer style.

On my summer wish list: a new pair of blue Liu Jo jeans and a beige dress from Patrizia Pepe, beige or turquoise Acquazzura heels or khaki Valentino espadrilles, a blue bikini and white knit dress from Twin-set, a Chanel backpack, Acqua di Parma Arancia di Capri, a Tiffany’s bracelet from the T collection or the Blue Book…

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Summer luxury_ June πŸ’™

This summer you need a few daily luxuries for those beautiful days in the city and on the beach. To begin with you need a beautiful bikini in white, turquoise blue or jade green. The lovely summer bikinis in the colours of the ocean will give you a goddess of the sea-look, when dressed with beautiful golden, jade and turquoise jewelry. The bikinis come in beautiful designs and textures this summer, for example the romantic white lace bikinis, triangle or off shoulder, and the beautiful embellished or soft toned bikinis in coral, mint or turquoise (Liu Jo, Twin-Set, Victoria’s Secret). 

And when you go to town after a lovely summer day on the beach, you can wear your beautiful tan with a white summer dress or casual denim skirt ( I love the one from Liu Jo!) with a white, striped or turquoise tee or top. Accentuate your beautiful tan with a dewy, natural glow on the cheeks (Dior sorbet, Dior Bronze), coco lipbalm (Kiko spf 15), and beautiful eyes (Dior addict eyeliner, Chanel inimitable mascara). Havaianas is all you need really for the city and the beach, but you can also choose one of the beautiful heels and slippers from Choo’s and Valentino for example. Beautiful beige or turquoise slippers or heels are perfect with jeans and a top. Now you only need an icecream and watermelon to cool off on a beautiful summer day πŸ’™πŸ‰ xx

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Barca: city on the beach πŸ’™

Barcelona is a beautiful city on the beach. One day you can explore the beautiful architecture of the city and the Mediterranean culture, and the other day you can have a lovely day on the beach. The city is divided in several barrios or districts, from the chique and beautiful Eixample, the little and authentic streets of Borne and Gracia to the beaches and chirrinquitos of Barcelonetta. 

To begin with, you need to go to the Passeig de Gracia to shop, where you will find beautiful boutiques and little bakeries for macarons with caffe con leche (don’t miss the dolci at Γ‰picerie in Via Pau Claris). In the Passeig de Gracia you will find beautiful architecture and the fairytale buildings from GaudΓ­ (Casa Batillo and la Pedrera). In the little streets of Gracia you will find many authentic tapas restaurants, while in Borne  there is a mix of Mediterranean and international restaurants and local boutiques. A beautiful example is the delicious fusion restaurant named Ikibana with Japanese and Brazilian dishes (urumaki sushi with strawberry and palmhearts mm). While it is much fun to go stand up paddle surfing in Barcelonetta, and to chill in one of the chirrinquitos on the beach (try the french toast and fresh juices at Surf House BCN and the sweets and juices at Rosaria’s), the beach in Mar bella is more beautiful to swim and chill. When you come to Barca, don’t forget to visit these beautiful places in the city and the beach:

  1. The Passeig de Gracia and its beautiful shops and boutiques, for example Loewe, Chanel, Burberry, Liu Jo, Max Mara, Bulgari, Tiffany’s, Jimmy Choo, Maje, Mango, and Zara home. Liu Jo is in Bulevard Rosa, Paseo de Gracia 51 (
  2. The beautiful architecture from GaudΓ­ can be seen in the Passeig de Gracia 43 and 92; Casa Batillo and Casa MilΓ  (la Pedrera). Don’t forget to go to Parc GΓΌell as well for the beautiful mozaic and the city view (in Gracia).
  3. Γ‰picerie, try the dolci and macarons in this lovely patisserie in Via Pau Claris 145.
  4. Ikibana, best sushi restaurant in Borne πŸ’™ with a fusion from Japanese and Brazilian cuisine, in Passeig Picasso 32 (
  5. Mar bella is a beautiful beach in Barca to swim and chill πŸ’™.
  6. Maka maka in Barcelonetta for delicious fries with wasabi mayonaise mm, in Passeig de Joan de BorbΓ³ 76 (
  7. Cdlc club and restaurant for your chique days and nights out πŸ’™ in Passeig maritim 32 (
  8. Sitges, little place on the beach you need to visit (near Barcelona).
  9. For summer and beachy days, you can go stand up paddle surfing in Barceloneta (surfboards are available at Boardriders in Carrer de la Drassana 10, or Locals in Passeig Joan de BorbΓ³ 80-84). No passa nadaaπŸ’™.

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Daily luxuries

Daily luxuries are all the little, beautiful things that make you happy on a daily basis. For me, for example, it is my mom, my family, my illy espresso and dolci, sleeping in, my beautiful Liu Jo jeans and Choo’s, my vacations to Miami and Italy, my dreams of going to Bali and Hawaii one day, the beach, stand up paddle surfing, summer days and my beautiful dreams and memories. Those are my daily luxuries. It is a daily luxury, too, to be happy with all the little things in your life. Because one day you may miss them and realize that those little things were actually the big things. I’m writing this blog on fashion and daily luxuries to share all these little, big things with you. My daily luxuries may even inspire you! Dream big and remember to be happy with all the little things in your life πŸ’™.

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