NYFW s/s collections 2018

The end of summer is always a little less sad with the beginning of New York Fashion Week, continuing the coming weeks in London, Milan, Madrid and Paris. Last week the most beautiful spring-summer collections for 2018 were presented in New York. NY was the perfect setting for the casual and cool, nineties inspired spring-summer collections 2018 presented to the fashion editors, bloggers, Brooklyn babies and models.

Alexander Wang had an actual streetway runway for his beautiful minimalist collection with mini dresses and a mix of nineties streetwear essentials. Oscar de la Renta‘s inimitable s/s collection for 2018 combined city chique daywear (stripes, t-shirt, denim, written words, and paint dots) with the beautiful signature dresses in delicate tule, organza and silk. Another s/s collection 2018 presented in NY that I loved, was the collection of cool oriental dresses by Tadashi Shoji, and the romantic dresses by Marchesa inspired by bygone days and faraway places.

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NYFW s/s collections 2018

Photos and images by Nicky Bianca, Vogue Italia and Vogue EspaΓ±a.


The inimitable pieces from the Twin-Set collections are little love notes to romantic souls. The lovely winter collection from Twin-Set is all about love. The cool and casual denim collections are beautifully combined with the soft cashmere sweaters and lovely lace dresses from the Le Coeur winter collection. The soft leather jackets, black denim and blue boyfriends jeans are a love pair with the knit sweaters and dresses in white, beige, anthracite and dark blue. The romanticism and femininity of the Italian brand are underlined by the beautiful materials, soft lines, lovely lace and little heart details. The cool denim collection and printed tees give a little balance to create a sweet and casual look. To fall in love with the always beautiful Twin-Set collections, please take a look at the online boutique at www.twinset.com. The SCEE collection and the baby and girls collection are designed for sweet and cool kids πŸ’™.

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Photos and images by http://www.twinset.com

I got it from my mama

Do you know how to create a beautiful style that is one in a million? Try to create a basic collection of beautiful daily luxuries that you love πŸ’™

πŸ’™ A collection is a personal investment. Try to invest in beautiful items that will become your new favorite jeans, the softest knitwear and tees that you want to wear all day, and those shoes that you don’t want to take off anymore. It is a little bit like Italian cooking, because you only need a few basic ingredients from the best quality to make a perfect pizza margherita or caprese salad. Create a beautiful collection that is based on your favorite daily luxuries, for example lovely Liu jo jeans, Choo’s for chique days and nights, and soft knitwear and tops from Patrizia pepe, Twin-set and Repeat Cashmere

πŸ’™ Imitatio and aemulatio. Base your beautiful summer and winter collections on daily luxuries that you love. Create a collection of basic and beautiful pieces. You can find these timeless items by following your intuition and inner style. Yes, you got it from your mama, too. Which clothes do you love in magazines and in fashion blogs? Is it the combination of classic and cool? Then you can upgrade your beautiful Liu jo jeans with a cashmere top and heels, or you can wear your lovely knit dress with a denim jacket to dress it down. Try to find the style you love, and do better by creating your own.

πŸ’™ Mix it up. Combine beautiful items and create a classy and cool look. You can wear your favorite daily luxuries in numerous ways and styles. Combine classic and casual items, different textures like denim and cashmere, and create a calm ton-sur-ton look or mix beautiful colour combinations like beige and blue. 

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The cool kids

They have something cool and casual, an effortless style that comes natural to them, the cool kids πŸ’™. It’s a nice style when you’re dressed in beautiful jeans and a tee, an easy, daily chique style. And the beautiful thing is, is that this cool and casual style is not only for the cool kids. Even though, Brooklyn babies, rockers, celebrity kids and bloggers have a cool way to wear their clothes, you can style your jeans and tee in a beautiful style, too. Some wear their cool, distressed jeans in a carefree way, with a simple tee and sneaks, and some wear their boyfriend jeans or skinny in a casual-chique style, with nude heels and an embellished tee or lace top. You can find your inspiration on the streets, the city style, in magazines and in blogs. There are so many ways to create a beautiful style and be one cool kid. Don’t believe the hype, though, and dress in your own style. That’s what makes you one of the cool kids in the first place πŸ’™.

My cool and casual-chique style is to dress my beautiful Liu Jo jeans, boyfriend slimfit, with a soft, cool tee and Choo sneaks, or a cashmere, lace or embellished top with some havaianas or heels. Liu jo has a nice collection of beautiful tees and tops, and the summer collection from Twin-set, Patrizia Pepe and Pinko has some jewels, too (also for the kids). The Liu jo kids collection is beautiful, cool and rebel chique, too! 

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Source of images and photos: http://www.pinterest.com/nicky_bianca