Dreaming is a beautiful daily luxury. Dreaming can be a survival mechanism during sad times. After all, dreams will keep you hoping for beautiful things to come. Even when you feel sad. When you don’t dream anymore, that’s when you can become merely sad and lose hope. You can wear you sadness like a thick winter coat. Because you feel like that’s all that you have. It won’t keep you warm, though, and will wear you down. Leave it and let it go. Dreaming can make you sad, too, though. When your dreams don’t come true. Dreams seem to be treacherous this way. Maybe growing up is learning that your dreams sometimes don’t come true. But don’t let it stop you from dreaming. Dreaming and hoping may lead you to a beautiful place where dreams can come true. Dreams and good vibes can take you places. Like Walt Disney once said: ‘if you can dream it, you can do it’. Dream and love all the little and beautiful things you have in your life πŸ’™.

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