Dream and love πŸ’™

It is my dream to write. I love to write about my daily luxury, my dreams and inspiration. It is more than shoes and Liu jo, though. It is a dream and a source of inspiration. Dream and love the daily luxury in your life πŸ’™. Love all the little, beautiful things that you have and dream about. It is romantic in a sense, too. It is a dream, an escape to a beautiful place in another world or time. A beautiful piece from the twenties can take you back to the jazz age. You can be in love with your favorite jeans, because it soothes you and comforts you. Daily luxuries can become a ritual, a moment, a memory, something you love on a daily basis. My collection of daily luxuries is one in a million and I love every little piece. Create a life you love and surround yourself with your favorite things.

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