One in a million

I’m swimming in my thoughts, diving deep into my soul, finding an ocean of love for you πŸ’™. Even though you made me feel sad, I know that I’m a beautiful soul. I’m one in a million, too, and I don’t need to feel sad and heart-broken. I’m going to dream and go with the waves to my own beautiful island. My dreams and intuition know where to go. I’m going to sleep, write, eat a lot of dolci and love my daily luxury. I love and I’m loved, too πŸ’™ and this is all I’ll ever need. 

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If you can dream it

A dream is made of love, hope and adventure πŸ’™πŸŒΊ. It has always been my dream to write, to learn languages and travel the world. I dreamed about a beautiful home on the beach, writing on international issues for a ministry, embassy or international organization, a closet full of beautiful clothes from Liu jo, Valentino and Choo’s, traveling to Bali and Hawaii, learning the Spanish and Italian languages, swimming and surfing, loving my life on a daily basis with my family, friends and a love of my life.

Dream and love the daily luxury in your life πŸ’™. I was dreaming all day, and I forgot to love my life on a daily basis. I was always thinking, dreaming, trying my best at school and work, for my diplomas, my dream job. I was always trying to follow my dreams. And one day, it was all falling down. As I learned from the Disney movie ‘the Princess and the Frog’, I had all the things I wanted, but not what I needed. Dreaming and trying the best you can to follow your dreams can’t be a bad thing. The one thing that I missed to do, though, was to love my life on a daily basis, too. I was so busy with my dreams and to do lists. Dreaming was becoming a survival mechanism for me. After my diploma all of my dreams would come true. Maybe it was a little naive of me to think this way, but trying and dreaming was all I had. My dreams and hope, it was all falling down.  

Dream and love your life on a daily basis. Love all the little things in your life. I decided to dream and love my life on a daily basis, too. I decided to begin from here, to love my life and live my dreams. If you can dream it, you can do it! I don’t know where it will take me. I love my daily luxury, my home, my family, my beautiful clothes from Liu jo and Choo’s, and my dreams to write, learn languages and fall in love with my daily life have become true. I’m on an adventure now and I just go with the waves πŸ’™. 

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