One in a million

I’m swimming in my thoughts, diving deep into my soul, finding an ocean of love for you πŸ’™. Even though you made me feel sad, I know that I’m a beautiful soul. I’m one in a million, too, and I don’t need to feel sad and heart-broken. I’m going to dream and go with the waves to my own beautiful island. My dreams and intuition know where to go. I’m going to sleep, write, eat a lot of dolci and love my daily luxury. I love and I’m loved, too πŸ’™ and this is all I’ll ever need. 

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Il dolce far niente πŸ’™

Sleeping is a beautiful daily luxury πŸ’™. Sleeping is the ultimate me-time. You need your sleep to rest, let your senses calm down and recover from your day and the outside world. Il dolce far niente is a beautiful phrase about the sweetness of doing nothing, that is a day of sleep, taking it easy and chillin’It is an essential daily luxury to take your time, sleep and chill between your busy days working and days running around town. Do you think it is difficult to find time for yourself and to have a good night sleep? Try this:

  1. Dream πŸ’™. Dream of all the things you love and would love to do someday. Dreaming is not only a way to escape from your busy day and things to do. Dreams will inspire you, motivate you and give you hope for beautiful things to come. And while you are dreaming of far away places, of your family and home, your mind will calm down and meditate.
  2. Dream and love all the daily luxuries in your life πŸ’™. Take the time for your daily rituals. Take your time to rest and sleep, create a beautiful home, nourish yourself with beautiful food, take your time to cook, spend time with your family and friends, do yoga, swim, surf, take a long bath, eat chocolate and sweets, and enjoy your day. Don’t make it all too difficult for yourself. Love your day and your daily luxuries.
  3. Dream, do something beautiful and leave a trace πŸ’™. You are one in a million and you can leave a trace in the world. Love yourself and the world around you. Take care of your friends and family, plant a tree, adopt a puppy, be kind to everyone, inspire and be inspired. You will feel that you are one in a million, that you are part of something bigger than yourself and that you can leave a trace in the world πŸ’™. You will sleep like a baby!  

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My daily luxuries list

Daily luxuries are all the little, beautiful things that inspire you and make you happy on a daily basis. Making daily luxuries part of your day, will make your daily rituals more beautiful and soothing. Don’t wait to use the china for a special day, or to save those beautiful clothes and your favorite shoes for an occasion. I love to wear my Liu jo jeans and my Choo’s on a daily basis, drink illy espresso and eat dolci all day, write and read about fashion and foreign affairs, learn Spanish and Italian, swim and surf, and surround myself with my family and friends. Even though you need to work, too, try to find time to do what you love each and every day. Dream and love all the daily luxuries in your life. Don’t just wait for that one day to come. Love your life on a daily basis, because every day is a present πŸ’™.

My daily luxuries:

πŸ’™ My family and my friends.

πŸ’™ My school: study in foreign affairs, international relations, and the English and Italian languages at the university in the Netherlands and Italy.

πŸ’™ My work: Nicky Bianca Communication for the writing and translation of documents and text on foreign affairs and fashion in nl-en-it

πŸ’™ My dreams: to write, to learn Spanish and Italian, live in the Mediterranean for a while, to travel to Bali and Hawaii, learn how to surf, a beautiful home on the beach.

πŸ’™ My inspiration: my mom, family and friends.

πŸ’™ My words to live by: Dream and love all the daily luxuries in your life. If you can dream it, you can do it. LoveπŸ’™

πŸ’™ My favorite jeans: my beautiful Liu jo jeans.

πŸ’™ My favorite shoes: my beige Choo’s and turquoise havaianas.

πŸ’™ My daily rituals: sleep, drink illy cappuccino and eat dolci and all the things I love. I also eat a lot of fruit, drink water and try to walk as much as I can (mostly while shopping). In the summer I love to swim and surf πŸ’™.

πŸ’™ My favorite clothes: my collection is mostly blue, denim, turquoise, white and beige. I love Liu jo jeans and tees and tops, havaianas, lingerie from Victoria’s Secret, Intimissimi and La Perla, Choo sneaks for chique days running around town, Patrizia Pepe tops and dresses, soft Repeat cashmere, and Armani Jeans basics.

πŸ’™ My beauty routine: lots of sleep, water, fruit and dolci! After my daily shower with monoΓ― shampoo, I wash my face every day with a soft facewash from Dior, hydrate my skin with Dior sorbet daycream, and with a little Dior skin nude in sand 031, Dior nude tan 002, Chanel inimitable mascara, Kiko lipbalm in coco, Acqua di Parma Arancia di Capri eau de toilette, I’m good to go and enjoy my day!

πŸ’™ Love to read: The Great Gatsby from F. Scott Fitzgerald and literature by Maya Angelou, Barack Obama, E.E. Cummings, Marion Bloem, daily news, fashion blogs, and the Spanish and Italian Vogue.

πŸ’™ Love to listen to: Aaliyah, TLC, Ariana Grande, Chiara, Nelly Furtado, Pharell Williams.

πŸ’™ Love these movies: The Great Gatsby, Romeo + Juliette, Sleepless in Seattle, Pretty Woman, Gone with the Wind, West Side Story, Cat on a hot tin Roof, The Godfather πŸ’™.

πŸ’™ Lovely cities: Miiamii, New York, Zandvoort, Barcelona, Milano, Firenze.

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