Nicky Bianca

A daily luxury is something beautiful that you love on a daily basis. My daily luxury is my family, home, dolci, sleeping in, my beautiful Liu Jo jeans and Choos, the Vogue Italia, writing, and dreaming. It’s about the little things in life πŸ’™. It has always been my dream to write and create something beautiful πŸ’™. On Nicky Bianca, I’m writing about moda, daily luxury and beautiful places,

Nicky Bianca Communication: International communication, storytelling, writing and translation in nl-en-it,

Nicky Bianca Communication

For writing assignments and translations in nl-en-it, you are more than welcome to contact me on

My daily luxury:

πŸ’™ My sweet family and friends.

πŸ’™ My school: study in foreign affairs and languages at my university in the Netherlands and in Italy.

πŸ’™ My work: Nicky Bianca Communication; international communication, storytelling, writing and translation in nl-en-it, I’m also teaching languages, writing and storytelling at university.

πŸ’™ My dreams: my own family, a beautiful home on the beach, to learn languages, to live in Italy, to travel to beautiful islands like Maui and Honolulu πŸ’™ to write a children’s book.

πŸ’™ My words to live by: If you can be anything in this world, be kind. Dream, do something beautiful and leave a trace πŸ’™

πŸ’™ My favorite clothes: my beautiful white Liu Jo dress and Liu Jo divine jeans.

πŸ’™ My favorite shoes: my beautifulΒ Choos.

πŸ’™ Moda boutiques to love: Liu jo, Choo, Tiffany’s πŸ’™

πŸ’™ Love to read: “Where to begin” by Cleo Wade, “The Great Gatsby” from F. Scott Fitzgerald and literature by Maya Angelou, Barack Obama, daily news, fashion blogs, and the Spanish and Italian Vogue.

πŸ’™ Love to listen to: Aaliyah, TLC, Cassie, Sade,… if it doesn’t feel like 90’s R&B, I don’t want it!

πŸ’™ Love these movies: The Great Gatsby, The Godfather, Seven, Sleepless in Seattle, Pretty Woman, Disney’s Vaiana and the Princess and the Frog.

πŸ’™ Beautiful places: Maui, Honolulu, Miami, New York, Zandvoort, Barcelona, Italy πŸ’™

For moda, daily luxury and beautiful places, you can follow me on and on


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