Leave a trace πŸ’™

The world is a beautiful place, from the white sandy beaches, to the deep blue waters, the green forests and jungles, the colourful coral reef, and all the beautiful animals that live in it. The world is a little piece of paradise 🌺. A place we need to love, hug and respect. Leave a trace and send your love into the world . Draw a heart in the sand, plant a tree, hug your family, make beautiful memories, adopt a puppy, send someone a love letter, be kind and leave your trace in the world. Be the change you want to see in the world.

It all begins with a dream. A dream is a beginning to something big, something beautiful. Follow you dreams and see where they may take you. Dreaming is a beautiful daily luxury that gives inspiration and hope for beautiful things to come. Like Walt Disney once said: If you can dream it, you can do it.

Dream and love all the daily luxuries in your life. Daily luxuries are all the beautiful things that you need and love on a daily basis, for example your family, home, beautiful clothes and food. To love your daily luxuries is counting your blessings. In this beautiful world daily luxuries are not a given, not even the basic necessities are. It is a good thing to be conscious and aware of the world around you, and to appreciate all the daily luxuries in your life. Secondly, it would be a beautiful thing to let your dreams inspire you to do and create something beautiful. To leave a trace in the world and do something good for another soul πŸ’™.

Dream, do something beautiful and leave a trace . It is my dream to write about international relations, foreign affairs and good news. In the daily news we read all about the sad news in the world. It is my dream and mission to create something beautiful and to leave a trace in the world. To send some love and positive vibes. Leave a trace is a source of inspiration to dream, to do something beautiful and to leave a trace in the world. 

Leave a trace has been designed to write about the good news in the world, and to create and connect the beautiful ideas, initiatives, and good vibes from international organizations, nation-states, NGO’s and everyday people. Leave a trace is based on the thought that together we can make the world a beautiful place. It doesn’t matter where you are from, or where you believe in, or if you are only a kid, you are one in a million and you can make a difference, too. Dream, do something beautiful and leave a trace πŸ’™ http://www.leafatrace.wordpress.com.


Dream, do something beautiful and leave a trace. You can follow Leave a trace on http://www.leafatrace.wordpress.com.

For daily inspiration of beautiful words and daily luxuries, you can follow my blog on fashion and daily luxuries on nickybianca.wordpress.com, and pinterest.com/nicky_bianca/.

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