The cool kids

They have something cool and casual, an effortless style that comes natural to them, the cool kids πŸ’™. It’s a nice style when you’re dressed in beautiful jeans and a tee, an easy, daily chique style. And the beautiful thing is, is that this cool and casual style is not only for the cool kids. Even though, Brooklyn babies, rockers, celebrity kids and bloggers have a cool way to wear their clothes, you can style your jeans and tee in a beautiful style, too. Some wear their cool, distressed jeans in a carefree way, with a simple tee and sneaks, and some wear their boyfriend jeans or skinny in a casual-chique style, with nude heels and an embellished tee or lace top. You can find your inspiration on the streets, the city style, in magazines and in blogs. There are so many ways to create a beautiful style and be one cool kid. Don’t believe the hype, though, and dress in your own style. That’s what makes you one of the cool kids in the first place πŸ’™.

My cool and casual-chique style is to dress my beautiful Liu Jo jeans, boyfriend slimfit, with a soft, cool tee and Choo sneaks, or a cashmere, lace or embellished top with some havaianas or heels. Liu jo has a nice collection of beautiful tees and tops, and the summer collection from Twin-set, Patrizia Pepe and Pinko has some jewels, too (also for the kids). The Liu jo kids collection is beautiful, cool and rebel chique, too! 

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